Can we shoot in Spain?

Yes, the Covid situation is constantly evolving, for any questions please contact our producers to clarify any questions and get the latest updated information. As of November 23, 2020 and regarding the restrictions in certain areas, the Ministry of Health has clarified that there are no specific or additional measures that directly affect the field of production and filming of audiovisual works.

Are the hotels and restaurants open?

Yes, the hotels are open. The restaurants are also open with security conditions, capacity limitations and safe distance between tables.

Are the airports operating normally?

Yes, but as of Monday, November 23, Spain will require travelers from high-risk countries to present proof of a negative PCR within 72 hours prior to entering the country. All travelers arriving in Spain by air or sea must undergo a medical check-up before entering the country. These controls can include taking the temperature, documentary control and a visual control of the passenger’s condition. This measure will not affect all those who travel to Spain by land, while it will apply to all international passengers whose final destination is Spain, it will not be required by international passengers in transit at a Spanish port or airport with a final destination in another country.

Can you move freely around the country?

Yes. Some areas have limited mobility restrictions, but travel is allowed for business reasons. It is necessary to carry a declaration of safe conduct issued by the company with which you work. There are some areas where restaurants are closed or have limited opening hours.

Are there currently quarantine zones in Spain?

Yes, there are some municipalities in quarantine, but they are partial closures, not total. It can affect mobility, but for work reasons you can enter and leave the municipalities.

What are the restrictive measures in a municipality / zone in partial quarantine?

* The movement is authorized for labor, educational, medical and administrative reasons.
* Shops and restaurants can work with a maximum capacity of 50% (60% in outdoor spaces) and must close at ten o’clock at the latest.
* Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

When is a municipality quarantined?

The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System has approved, by majority, to impose restrictive measures on mobility in populations that exceed 500 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants, have a COVID test positivity rate higher than 10% and an occupation in ICU over 35% of patients with COVID.

In this situation full of inconveniences, we ourselves are responsible for forging our nearest future and we are very clear that our main asset is our credibility and never, no matter how many difficulties we have, will we endanger this virtue.

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